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Tu powinno być nasze zdjęcie ;)

Hi, we are Kogo to Obchodzi (pl: Who cares about it)

As You are already here, we think that You care. Therefore, we would like to explain what exactly it doos and how "it" looks like.

There are five of us: Janek pluck the bass, Jakub G. hits the drums, Jakub A. plays electric guitar and also sings, Jarek also plays guitar, and Patryk sings and plays on keyboard. Now You know how "it" looks like.

And what does it do?

We play together since 2015. In the beginning we were playing covers of well known bands. After Patryk joined us, we thought it's time to show something different - something of ours. What we play we think can be considered an alternative rock, however we would like to point out here that sometimes we fall outside of this pattern and may play a bit harder and more aggressive as well as lighter and calmer.

If You were interested in this short description of our band, please take a look at popular song streaming sites. Our songs are available there and there will only be more and more.

Stay safe in this world
Kogo to Obchodzi.


Email: poczta@kogotoobchodzimuzyka.pl

Facebook: /KogotoObchodziMuzyka
Instagram: @kogotoobchodzimuzyka

If you would like to make donations for developmant of the band, please do it here.
Thank you!

email: poczta@kogotoobchodzimuzyka.pl